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A cricket team photo holding yet another cup from Syd Gooden's collection, but we are not sure who the team was or when or where they were playing.


The cup looks unlike the cups in IB023 or IB025. There are two Eydon players in the team, Ernie Hogg and Syd Gooden, second and third from the left on the front row. (The rest of the team are: Back row George Jones, umpire from Moreton Pinkney; Bob Salmons; Mick Humphries; R Burke; and two unidentified. Front row: Unknown; Ernie Hogg; Syd Gooden; Gordon Bodily, Brian Humphries and Ken Jones.)


Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mr Syd Gooden

Connected Photos: IB023 | IB025

Another Cricket Team Photo

SKU: IB036

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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