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Team photo of the Eydon Cricket Club team that won the Banbury Advertiser Cup, 1953

The back row, from the left were: Charlie Parish (scorer), Jack Colton, John Steel, Fred Turner, Fred Phipps, Ronnie High and Harold Jones. The front row were: Ronnie Fairbrother (aka Biddle), Syd Gooden, captain Geoff Amos holding the cup, Ernie Hogg and Frank Parish. To win the cup they had had to beat Bloxham in the final at the British Railways ground. Eydon, playing first, scored 100 runs , of which 14 came in the last over by Ernie Hogg. Bloxham made a good reply, needing only 8 runs off the last two overs, but Eydon held them to a total of 96 runs to win the cup.

This was an amazingly successful year for the team as they not only won this cup, but won the Charlton Cup (IB025) and the Bolton & Pollock Cup.

Photographer unknown professional

Image lent by Mrs Margie Davies

Connected photos IB025, IB027, KL004, KL130, IB033, IB036

Eydon CC win the Banbury Advertiser Cup, 1953

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