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Copyright Information

Ownership of Photographs

The images displayed on this database are under copyright, which remains with the original owners. Efforts have been made to contact owners of photographs on this website, and where known, Eydon Historical Research Group (EHRG) has obtained licences from these owners to copy, archive and display images. In some cases, additional licences allow us to issue copies of images for non-commercial use only.

Knowledge of who took the photographs and who owns the copyright of many of the images, especially the older and family ones has, however, been lost. If you believe you have rights to any image on this website, we welcome this information and, if required, the photograph will be removed promptly on notification.


Use of Database

This website and its underlying database has Database Rights under UK law, copyright 2021, held by the Eydon Historical Research Group (or its successors). EHRG encourage its use by non-commercial users of the website, provided the source is acknowledged.


Errors and Omissions

This database contains information which is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please be cautious about using information it contains and cross-check any important facts. We welcome notification of any errors or omissions and will do our best to rectify them promptly.

Family History

Our wealth of raw data about past inhabitants of the village is an incredibly valuable resource, both for our own research and for people interested in exploring their own family trees.

We are delighted when people contact us asking for information about their family members and especially pleased when they are happy to share additional information or photographs about the village with us.

Contact Eydon Historical Research Group.

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