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Another photo of Eydon Cricket Club’s most successful team, this time posing after winning the Charlton Cup in 1953.

From the left we have standing; Ronnie High, John Steel, Arthur Isham, Jack Sykes, Harold Jones, Fred Turner and Fred Phipps and Charlie Parish the scorer. Kneeling were Ernie Hogg, Syd Gooden, captain Geoff Amos holding the cup, Jack Colton and ’Biddle’ (aka Ronnie Fairbrother). Eydon beat Chipping Warden by 16 runs to win this cup, star of the Eydon side being Syd Gooden who scored 21 of Eydon’s 71 runs.

Photographer unknown professional

Image lent by Mr Syd Gooden

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Eydon Cricket Club win the Charlton Cup, 1953

SKU: IB025

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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