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Group of 14 ladies in Fancy Dress or costume.

Other photographs in the collection (KL161 & KL162) show this group of ladies performing a play(?) outside a tent in the open in the mid 1920s. This might have been a fete, in which case the space may have been Eydon Hall park.

The background to this photos might be the stables at Eydon Hall. At first glance this appears to be the same group as shown in KL137, but closer examination shows it is not the same occasion as the elderly 'gypsy' in the left centre has differently patterned shawl and skirt, as does the lady & 'child' at the front right. This photo was taken after KL137.


Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Miss Hope Walker

Connected Photos: KL137 | KL161 | KL162

Women's Institute in Fancy Dress, 1920s?

SKU: KL135

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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