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Syd Tyrrell and his cousin Winnie Carey, photographed at London in 1899.

They were the same age, being born in 1889. In the photo they would be 10 years old. Syd Tyrrell was the fourth of six children of Joe Tyrrell and Flora Carey, and writes about visiting his Aunt Mary in Leytonstowe. She was a headmistress in Stepney in the 1880s and was later widowed. She had been married to either Edward Carey, (KL084) or Louis Carey, brothers to Syd's mother Flora. Her daughter, Winnie Carey occasionally came to holiday in the village with the Tyrrells and vice versa. It was on one of these London holidays that Syd was introduced to suburban living. The photos was presumably taken on one of these visits. Syd's clothes look very new. Photographer: Hellis and Son

Image lent by : Mrs Jean Charles

Connected Photos: KL084

Winnie Carey & Syd Tyrrell at 10

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