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Very well printed programme for Eydon WI for 1972.

In addition to showing that year's officers, and the words of Jerusalem, it outlines the subjects of the talks and competitions during the year. These range from the presumably fairly serious 'Life in Canada' and the 'BBC Roundabout', to a talk on 'Unmentionables' - which presumably must have mentioned something - and the annual 'Members Meeting' where the members entertained the committee.

A mock minute book of these 'Members Meetings' from 1973 to 1986 has survived in the Eydon WI records.

The competitions generally centred on making a small craft item to be judged each month for example a home made toy costing 12.5p; a bowl of floating flowers etc. These WI entertainments have been studied by EHRG member Caroline Bedford and will be published in the September 2011 volume of EHRG Research Reports booklets (see web page for details).

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by Caroline Bedford

WI Programme of meetings from 1972

SKU: KL218

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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