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By 1946, industrial waste in the sewerage was poisoning the land on the sewerage farms, so Coventry built new sewage works outside the city.

Henry Weston and his family moved on to another sewerage farm at Norwich, near which this picture was taken. Prior to the introduction of modern sewerage plants, household sewerage was pumped onto farm land and grassland to act as a fertiliser. On this fertilised land farmers, including the Westons, raised cattle.

This picture shows Sarah Weston with her remaining unmarried children, Kathleen, Henry and Ivy. Sarah was to die a decade later in 1961, aged 93, whist Ivy died in 1981 and Henry and Kathleen (along with younger brother Edward) all died in 1983.

Photographer: Unknown, Weston Family

Image lent by : Mr Mike Weston

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Weston Family, Norfolk, C 1950s

SKU: KL313

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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