After the Weston family left Manor Farm some time between 1914 and 1920 they settled in various places.

By the 1930s, they were living in Coventry, working two farms, one of them the Corporation Sewerage Farm, managed by Sarah’s brother, Walter Main. In this photo, taken at Stratford on Avon, we have from the left Henry Weston, by then aged about 37, who worked as assistant farm manager to his uncle and subsequently full manager after his uncle's retirement.

Next to him is his youngest brother (Edward) Roy then 28 with his wife Marjorie (nee Chillingsworth). Roy was the only member of the family who seems to have married. He worked as a dairyman in his in-laws sizeable dairy business (Maycorn Dairy).

Next to them is Kathleen, by this time aged 33, who was farm secretary and housekeeper to Henry, then mother Sarah, 70, and and youngest daughter, Ivy Weston, aged 32. Ivy seems to have performed the youngest daughter’s traditional role of staying at home to look after her mother.

Missing from the family group are brother Ernest, who died in 1927, and father John Weston who died 1936.


Photographer: Unknown, Weston Family

Image lent by : Mr Mike Weston

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Weston Family c 1938/39

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