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Eydon's Wesleyan Chapel was opened in 1860.

It was Eydon's second brick building, after the Moravian Chapel of 1818, and the first on the High Street. Methodism had been strong in the village and the first licence to hold meetings was issued in 1818. At that time villagers waked down to a chapel at nearby West Farndon, which as it was shared between, Eydon , Hinton and West Farndon was often crowded. In the evening there was another service at the top floor of a barn in Eydon. The chapel cost £336 and was built by McConnells of Woodford Halse on the site of an old blacksmiths shop and the gardens of some very poor old cottages. It seated 130, but provision was made to put in a gallery later. The Schoolroom was added in 1871 at a cost of a further £127. For a hundred years the Chapel flourished but after that the congregation started to fade. away. It closed in the 1980s, but some of its furniture and memorial plaques were moved to St Nicholas church. It is now a private house.


Photographer: Miss Hope Walker

Image lent by : Miss Hope Walker

Wesleyan Chapel from South, 1960s

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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