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Eydon WI president. Ella Austin gives a welcome cup of tea to her Byfield counterpart, Mrs Greta Thornton, after a mammoth walk over little used paths from Byfield.

Photo taken by Daventry Express (8/24/S) on Friday August 8, 1969. Seated on left in stripped blouse is Margaret Walker, whist peeping out of the corner between them is Brenda Kench. The prominent child might be 5-year-old Helen Deacon, who walked all the way from Byfield.

Keeping open little used paths seems to have been something local WIs did around this time Eydon WI walked over to Moreton Pinkney, where they faced problems along the way of ‘brook, bull and barbed wire’. Read all about it in Carrie Bedford’s paper in on ‘Entertaining the Ladies’ in EHRG research report booklets Vol. 7, ‘Service, Sun & Settlement’,(available via EHRG’s publications page)

Image lent by Dr Kevin Lodge

Welcome cup of tea for Byfield WI

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