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The top table at Ron Cooper and Wynn Edwards' wedding reception at Eydon Village Hall on September 6th, 1941

From the left, Syd Edwards, unknown page boy, Marjorie Clarke, Sgt Ron Cooper, Wynn Edwards, Kathleen Edwards, Yvonne Ayres, the unknown best man and Lucy Edwards. Marjorie Clarke, here as Wynn Edwards' bridesmaid, married the bride's brother Ken three years later, so this is maybe where they met.

Given the extent of wartime rationing, one feels that the ornate cake about to be cut may well be a fake!


Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Yvonne Ayres

Connected Photos: KL156 | KL201 | KL200

Wedding Reception, Village Hall, 1941

SKU: KL157

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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