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Water colour of inside of Eydon Church by "W Harwood".

ramed by "Josh Dickinson, Publisher, Print Seller and Frame maker, by appointment to their Royal Highnesses the Duchess of Kent, and the Princess Victoria, 114 New Bond Street". Marked on back "Eydon Northamptonshire" View shows pre Restoration Church exterior from south east, with a man (with a tapered top hat) and woman, followed by a lady in a bonnet, on the church path. Costumes look to be about 1830s. Young trees either side of path. Shorter south aisle, with no separate porch, but with chimney(?) over door. Possible older door to east of main door? Much ivy! Quatrefoil tracery to east window. No 'preaching cross'. See also KL039 for modern view of church from same position.

Photographer: W Harwood

Image lent by : Mrs Bethan Batchelor

Connected Photos: KL037 | KL039

Water Colour of Church Exterior, 1830s

SKU: KL038

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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