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Front and side view of War Memorial, Culworth Road Burial Ground.

War Memorial, erected in 1922. Names of WW1 dead on the left side of Memorial are H W Bull (KL097), R Cleaver (KL096), E F Cleaver (KL099), A J Cherry, R Colton & E Colton. On the right side (KL102a) they are E Carpenter, L F Durante, W Edden (KL098), G J Fairbrother (KL095), F W Lines & C H Thompson (KL100). Syd Tyrrell suggests that the additional names (compared with KL101) were either sons of incomers whose sons had never lived here or Eydon men who had moved away and were recorded on War Memorials elsewhere. A. Cherry was ? R & E Colton were the sons? of Thomas? Colton, the gardener to Lady Hesketh who had moved with her from Towcester in 1914. Pressure from her to have their names on the War Memorial (to which she was a major contributor) led to friction with the Parish Council. E Carpenter ? L F Durante ? F W Lines is probably Fred William Lines, a son of Robert Lines, born in Eydon in 1898.

Photographer: Dr Kevin Lodge

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

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War Memorial, Eydon Burial Ground

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