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The low stone wall around the drinking trough (filled in at the time) at the entrance to Lines and Pettifers yard at the north end of the High Street in 1965.

The spring fed drinking trough, called townsend or townhead pool, was filled in with gravel at the time of the photo for safety purposes. It has since been reopened but protected by a grille, so animals still can't drink there. The area to the left of the pool is now a wild flower garden.

Behind the trough was the entrance to Pettifers yard, with a corrugated iron herb shed visible to the left, and Cherry House, home of some of the Pettifers, in the central background. A small estate of houses has now been built behind the pool. The protecting walls for the pool seem to have been built against an earlier large stone gate post.

Photographer: Mr David Kench

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

Connected Photos: DK056 | KL087a

Townsend Pool, 1965

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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