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A professional photographer captures the interest in the 'Throw Your Pennies' game at a fete in Eydon Hall in the early 1950s.

To win you get your penny on a white square, but unfortunately we don't know what they won.

From the left we see James Lansbury, Mavis Thorrington, Phillipa Flagg, Doreen Sykes and unidentified boy with Godfrey and Julie Syers just peeping over the board in front of him. Next to them are their mother, Sheila Syers holding Anne Syers, then Judith Johnson who appears to be the only one playing, an unidentified girl and then the stall holder Mrs Kenice Flagg. Other stall holders in the background include Mrs Mary Hawes and Mrs Eileen Pettifer.


Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Sheila Syers

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Throw Your Pennies, early 1950s

SKU: KL174

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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