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This is Tom Rogers' father Jonas, who was a thatcher at Culworth.

This rather fine portrait in a billycock hat was taken by Banbury photographer, Anthony Beales & Co. He was a picture framer and a sign painter as well as a photographer and was operating on South Bar Street from 1888 to 1911. His claim to Royal Patronage shows that he was trying to cater for the upper end of the market, so what this tells us about Jonas’s view of himself, even with his fashionable hat, is interesting. Jonas was born in 1812, dying in 1892, so he was in his late 70s when this picture was taken. Thomas and Fanny Maria Roger’s eldest daughter, Fanny Elizabeth, stayed in Culworth when the rest of the family moved, looking after her grandparents. After they died, she trained as a nurse, being at Byfield Surgery in 1901 and Derby Royal Infirmary in 1911. Sadly, she committed suicide the following year.


Image lent by : Mrs Sandra Batchelor

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Thomas Rogers’ father, Jonas Rogers, Thatcher

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