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Thomas Rogers and his wife Fanny had ten children, all of whom married, had long lives and had children of their own, and  many of this large family are still living in and around the village. 

Tom was born and got married at Culworth to Fanny Maria Bonham, daughter of the Middleton Cheney carrier in c8171. Early on in their marriage, they obviously moved around as their first five children were all born in different villages. As Tom was a shepherd, it is tempting to think that he might have attended a Hiring Fair each year, perhaps, given the location of his children's baptisms, maybe one held at either Daventry or Southam. After that they seemed to settle down, spending 4 years at Fawsley, before moving to Eydon where they stayed for the rest of their lives. We have several stories of their children in this photo archive, their second daughter Martha who married the two Shurvinton brothers (consecutively!) and became a noted midwife in Leamington (see KL105).


Tom and Fanny’s home was at the centre of the Great Fire of 1905 and several photographs record its destruction, for example DK033 and DK034. This picture, taken in the east end of London by professional photographers Scott, is precisely dated on the back as being taken on July 2nd 1906.

At this date, Tom would be 63 and Fanny probably 55 – her age changed in the various records!


Image lent by : Mrs Sandra Batchelor

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Thomas Rogers and his wife Fanny Maria, 1906

SKU: KL354

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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