Wooden advertising board for Thomas Pettifer and Co, from the early 1900s later altered to show their changed name as they became a limited company.

Thomas Pettifer moved to Eydon from Badby in 1835 and started business as a farrier, and later a sheep dipper. He presumably made his own dips as he subsequently became know as a horse and cattle doctor. Entirely self taught, he developed a range of animal medicines mainly based on herbs that he grew in the village and mixed at home.

He must have developed his range of medicines before the 1860s as in 1862 his son William, later joined by his younger brother Stephen, moved to Crudwell in Wiltshire, and set up in opposition to their father, using his own formulations. As they also traded under the same name, Thomas Pettifer and Son, this caused confusion and the Eydon branch of the family took them to court where (the surviving son) Stephen was ordered to trade under his own name. After the court case, Thomas Pettifer and his son in law Ernest Stanton traded from 1883 on as Thomas Pettifer and Co 'The Original Firm'.

Some time after 1900, but before Ernest Pettifer (as he became called) died in 1923, the firm became incorporated, with the changed noted on the board above. Mr F.D. Jones, Pettifers' representative, is also a new man, but we do not as yet know where or when he worked for the firm.


Photographer: Dr Kevin Lodge

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

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Thomas Pettifer Name Board

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