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Painted canvas on wood sign advertising Thomas Pettifer and Co, with 'Limited' squeezed in later.

Sign size 8 foot by 18 inches (2.44 x 0.45 m) Presumably used at shows and fairs when Pettifer's representatives and sales men sold their animal medicines to farmers, cattle and house breeders and stock men. This doesn't appear to be the same sign as the one just seen above John Bishop in IB002)

Pettifers changed their name from Pettifer 'and Son' to 'and Co' after 1877, and went limited some time between 1900 and 1923, so the sign was made between 1877 and 1900, and modified before 1923.

Photographer: Dr Kevin Lodge

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

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Thomas Pettifer and Co Sign

SKU: KL224

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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