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In the latter years of Eydon Cricket Club, continued by Eydon Occasionals, there was held an annual friendly match against a scratch side put together by one of the club members.

Originally, this was organised by John Grindlay, but after circa 1978/1980, Alan Watson took over, initially with a 'Marconi XI' (from Alan's work place) and then after 1998/9 with a 'Watson's XI'. These were great social events, with a lunch before and much drinking in the pub afterwards. Alan Watson can remember the visitors being very taken with the beer from Britain's first modern microbrewery, to such an extent that they drank the pub dry, so the landlord (Windy?) sent a car to Litchborough to pick up more so the drinking could continue!

Part of Eydon's strategy seemed to be hosting a rather boozy lunch in the Watson's garden, with copious supplies of Alan's home-brew in an attempt to undermine the opposition's concentration - some of this home-brew being taken up to the cricket field in an old nappy bucket to continue the undermining process.

This photo was probably taken the same year (circa 1996) as the team photo of Eydon Occasionals in IB035. It shows John Grindlay standing, possibly giving a vote of thanks to Alan and Judith Watson for their hospitality. Facing us are John's wife Trish and Chris Yates's wife Sue, while seated with her back to us is (probably) Kate Hawes, a member of Eydon Occasionals.

Photographer: Mr Alan Watson

Image lent by : Mr Alan Watson

Connected Photos: IB035

The Social Side of Eydon Occasionals

SKU: IB045

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