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The 1868 "Sun Picture" of the Rectory up the Culworth Road.

The Rector at the time was Rev. Arthur John Empson M.A. and it is no doubt he standing in the front door - see DK086a.

The newly ordained minister and his wife, Anna Delicia - came to the village in 1853 and lived initially in the Rectory on Lime Avenue, now The Elms - see AP051g. Despite the relative modernity of the the Elms (the front was built in 1825), the Empsons disliked the house (Syd Tyrrell tells of the shepherd being too close to his flock) and they built this house, out on the Culworth Road in 1856.

A large house, with 15 rooms to house the Empson's growing family and their servants, it was too large for the subsequent Rectors.

Photographer: Mr John Harrington

Image lent by : Mr David Kench 

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The Rectory, 1868

SKU: DK086

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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