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A view of the "Old Forge”, 2 Blacksmiths Lane, although this was not the forge itself but the blacksmith's cottage.

The public footpath known as Blacksmiths Lane passed along the front of the cottage past the front door in between the iron railings and the front wall of the cottage. The railings were removed during WW2 when many iron gates and fences around the village went to help the war effort. This public footpath was a source of complaint by the owners/tenants over the years and was officially diverted to go round the back of the cottage by the owner at the time, Mrs Annie Bricknell, in the years shortly after WW2 although not without objection from some of the old village residents who resisted change.

In the process of moving the path, the forge itself, off to the left of the picture, was demolished. This photograph is thought to have been taken in the 1930s and the lady leaning out of the bedroom window has not yet been positively identified. The thatch roof was removed after the war and replaced with plain concrete tiles. Post war photographs include KL055.

Photographer unknown

Image lent by Mr David Kench

The Old Forge Cottage, Blacksmiths Lane, 1930s

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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