The Mullions - late 1950s now converted into one house.

View from the garden of the Mullions, (38 High Street), showing brick extension around the door. For many years this was the home of Syd Tyrrell. The dormer in the roof is very fine and is dated DW 1697. This was most likely built by Daniel Wigson, a mason, possibly to celebrate his marriage to Ann. No. 40 High Street, to the right, is shown as have only two stories. This was a poorly built stables, converted into two, tiny three storey houses in the late 1890s to cash in on the need for accommodation whilst the railway was being built. This was also owned by the Tyrrells. it was subsequently converted in the 1950s into one two storey house, it was returned to three stories again in 2005.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Jean Charles

The Mullions

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