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Charles William Gubbins (29 July 1891-18 June 1979) seen picking violets on a bank of the road to Culworth known as Hollow Way at Eydon.


His wife stands to the right, Eliza Ann Gubbins (16 November 1887-29 May 1975). Their granddaughter Marion (born October 2nd 1951) daughter of their son Charles Alfred John Gubbins (9 February 1920-14 April 1978) stands with her back to the camera, in this photo she is probably about 5 years old. Marion’s mother, Jean May Gubbins (25 August 1924- 24 June 1983) at the back, facing towards the camera. Marion’s father, Charles Alfred Gubbins took the photo as they were on their way to visit Phoebe Alice Gubbins, Marion’s grandfather’s sister, who at that time lived at 10 High Street, Eydon.

Marion might be the end of this Gubbins line, she is now married to David Wheatley but they have no children. There is a possibility of the Gubbins name carrying on via Michael, the son of Roy, who was the son of John Arthur Gubbins - Phoebe and Charles’ brother.

It is possible that he still lives in the Nottinghamshire area, however the family has lost touch with him. Maybe someone will read this and add a few more pieces to the jigsaw by contacting E.H.R.G.

See also KL285, KL286 & KL293.

Photographer unknown.

Image lent by Marion Wheatley

The Gubbins family picking violets at Eydon mid 1950s

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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