This was taken outside the front (side) door at 32 High Street the home of the Walker family in 1931/2 with Hope Walker being the babe in the arms of "Granny Walker"- Alice Elizabeth Walker.

The lady in front of Granny W. is her sister Dorothy Payne, known in the family as Auntie Dot. Her husband Joe Payne, Uncle Joe to the family, is the older gentleman seated second from left.

The names of the others are not known - they all came from Coventry where Joe & Dot lived and used to come to visit and became known as"The Coventry Gang" to the Walker family.

The other lady is Lena Cross, standing on the right in her apron. She lived with her parents, brothers and sisters at 1 Partridge Lane. She used to help Granny Walker with the laundry work she did for people in the village using the wash house which is at the front of the building on the right with its window onto the street. For a photo of the washing in progress, see AP004.

Photographer: Mr Eric Walker

Image lent by : Miss Janet Bloxam

Connected Photos: AP004 | AP015

Tea with the Walkers, 1931 or 32

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