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Sun Picture of Eydon Church from North West

Early photograph of 1868, known locally as the 'Sun Pictures'. Shows church from north east from the church yard. The two pine trees are still there (2007) although they lean a bit more than 140 years ago! There were no graves on the land in the foreground at that time since Viscount Valentia had given the church an extra strip of land in 1865 in order to extend the burial ground. The paths look new in the picture and were probably constructed at the time the stone walls were relocated at that time. It does not show the new clock, much disliked by Sir Henry Dryden of Canons Ashby, who said ".. the west face of the tower is much disfigured by a large and brilliant new clock face, which is not visible from any part of the village, and is therefore uselessly obtrusive." This is not quite true. It was well visible from the new Rectory out on the Culworth Road, possibly one of the few houses in the village who already had clocks anyway.

Photographer: Mr John Harrington

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

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Sun Picture of Eydon Church from North West, 1868

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