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"The Stone House" Barnett's Hill in 1965 with sundial over the door and beehive recesses in adjoining brick wall.

The Stone House was for many years the home of the Tew family, and the sundial and the extension on the left were erected by William Tew in 1705. William was a mason, working the beds of Eydon stone, an outcrop of Northampton Sand, as well as the clay outcrop on the north side of Eydon Hill, from which he made tiles and bricks. When he died in 1717, he left enough tiles in his brickyard to almost cover 3 houses.

A later family of brick makers working this site, the Victorian Barnett family, gave their name to the hill.

Photographer: Mr David Kench

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

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Stone House, Barnett’s Hill, 1965

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