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Photo of what is now called the Stone House, Barnett's Hill, taken from the south. This is one of the few houses in the parish actually built outside the village. It is just outside to the north, on the road to West Farndon and Byfield.

It shows the original 16th (?) century house, with the extension on the left added 1702 by William Tew. He also added the sundial over the door. William was a mason as well as having a brick and tile field, who died in 1717. He and his wife are buried in the fine chest tomb by the porch of Eydon Church.

Their descendants were still living in the house at the time of the enclosure of 1762 but subsequently sold the house. To the right is a brick wall, containing 18 holes or shelves for beehives. (bee boles) This photo was taken from the sale catalogue when the house was sold in 1915.


Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Judith Watson

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Stone House, Barnett's Hill, 1915

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