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A group of six members of St John's Ambulance Association outside the Village Hall at Eydon on May 24th 1941, labelled on the back 'War Weapons Week, 1941'.

These were national fund-raising efforts to buy, as the name suggests, weapons to continue the fight in WW2.

Here we have a group of Eydon ladies who were recruited and trained to deal with any emergencies in the village. From the left the ladies are: [unknown], Wynn Edwards, Margaret Walker, Lillian Watson, Lucy Edwards and Ethel Edwards. The small boy may be Derek Sykes. Wynn Edwards was the eldest daughter of Lucy and Sid Edwards who were born in Bucks., and presumably moved here with his job as he was a railway guard. Ethel Edwards had married into a separate branch of the family that had been in the village since the mid 19th century.


Photographer: Unknown

Picture lent by : Mrs Yvonne Ayres

St Johns Nurses, War Weapons Week, 1941

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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