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In 1962, while Bill Allen was still serving in Burma, he decided to bring his family back to Eydon and bought a plot of land off Bill Gostick, part of the field called Fenimore's Bufton

Sid and Lucy Edwards' youngest daughter Kath Allen initially lived at home after her marriage to William (Bill) Allen, presumably due in part to the post war housing shortages, before moving, initially locally, then overseas, with Bill Allen's FO postings.

After being advised to plant a crop of potatoes 'to clear the brambles' at the new plot, he had local builders Thomas Kench build him a bungalow in reclaimed stone, which he called 'Shwe Chinthe', seen here shortly after completion. Shwe Chinthe is Burmese for Golden Lion, a good luck symbol in Burma.


Photographer: Unknown, Edwards family

Picture lent by : Mrs Carrie Horne

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Shwe Chinthe, Hollow Way

SKU: KL211

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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