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Sheila Syers on a folding paratroopers scooter, late 1940s - early 50s, although whether she is intending to ride it or is just posing is not clear.

Actually it is not strictly speaking a paratrooper scooter, but was developed out of one. Its a Brockhouse Corgi (Mk 2 for the anoraks out there), based on the Welbike which was developed for UK paratroopers in WW2. It was on sale from 1948 on and claimed to be able to do 120 mpg, so it must seemed been ideal when motor fuel was still rationed right up to the end on 1950.

Further developments in transport for the Syers family is seen in KL177.


Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Sheila Syers

Connected Photos: KL177

Sheila Syers on a Paratroopers Scooter

SKU: KL178

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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