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Although Amy Hannis had two brothers, Ralph and Fred, there was too big a gap between their births (1916 and 1923) for them to be the two boys in the middle.

The family, from another photo, think that the blond haired boy is Ronnie Wright, of Eydon Moors Farm. He was born in 1918, so he might be the friend of Ralph (although the picture isn’t clear enough to be sure.)

Amy was born in the cottage in 1921, so the photograph might have been taken in 1926 or 1927, make the two boys 10 and 8. (A later shot of the cottage can be seen in SV023)

Photographer unknown,

Image lent by Ms Judith Oulare

Connected photo DK164

Shampoo Time at the Brick House, Barnetts Hill

SKU: DK164

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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