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Six Scouts in uniform in field.

The Scout on left is Syd Tyrrell, then [unknown], Scoutmaster , [unknown], [unknown], [unknown]. About same time, circa 1916, as KL018, Scouts at sea The boys in the centre and on the right are also in the picture of the scouts at the sea side, KL018. Syd Tyrrell's unpublished note record that Eydon Scouts were started about 1909 when Syd was 20, so he may have joined as a helper. He notes that the Scoutmaster was E. Swabey, an old soldier and now an insurance agent. He was described as not being a Sergeant Major type, but got the boys to like him. Syd said he was helped by Jack Young, but makes no mention of his own involvement. He mentions that his youngest brother Frank Tyrrell and his friend Fred Kench were early joiners and Frank became a patrol leader. This photo looks like Eydon Hill, and could have been taken at a camp there. Syd Tyrrell on the left looks like the young man he was.

As we have no other record of Mr Swabey or Mr Young, we do not know which of them is which. 

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Jean Charles

Connected Photos: KL018 | DK017

Scouts early 1900s

SKU: KL025

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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