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Six Scouts in full bathing costume in waves.

Photo marked "Scouts" in album, with Syd Tyrrell identified as man on right. Syd's unpublished notes say that the Scouts in Eydon were started by Miss Muriel Dashwood, whose father Sir George, had taken over the last two years of the lease of Eydon Hall after Tom Holland died in 1908. With the help of Mr J R Stanley, the well respected teacher from Culworth, who had started a troop earlier in Culworth, she founded a troop in Eydon, reputed meeting at old house just off the Green, in what is now the garage to 2 The Green. The Eydon scout master was E. Swarby, helped by Jack Young. As the Dashwoods were only here for two years after 1908, the scout troop must have been started about 1909, when Syd Tyrrell, born 1889, would have been 20, too old to join the scouts, but maybe he helped out. He certainly looks to be about 20 in this image, and older than the other swimmers. Was this during First World War when senior Scouts went to East Coast to act as a Spotter Corp? (see DK017) At least 3 of the boys in this photo also appear in the photo of Scouts KL025. Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Jean Charles

Connected Photos: KL025 | DK017

Scouts in Sea

SKU: KL018

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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