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In 1901, John Henry Weston married Sarah Main of East Haddon and lived together at Manor Farm, Eydon.

Sarah was born in 1868, so she was 33 on her wedding day, 3 years older than her groom. Together over the next 9 years they had 6 children, all but one of which survived infancy (see details in KL307).

John and Sarah moved away from Eydon after 1914, and seem to have lived in Coventry and later Norfolk. She died in 1961. Photograph taken by Draycott, who had studios in London, Birmingham, Walsall and, presumably where this was taken, 11 Gold Street, Northampton. On the back in pencil is writing ‘Mrs Main, 6’ suggesting that Sarah’s mother bought 6 copies. Sarah looks quite young in this picture, so maybe it was a portrait to celebrate her majority, in 1889.

Photographer: J.A. Draycott

Image lent by : Mr Mike Weston

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Sarah Weston (nee Main), c 1889

SKU: KL308

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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