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Handbill for sale of household goods from Alf and Louisa Gubbin's cottage, the Cross Tree, on the Green, 1st August 1944.

Items include the usual household goods - 7 tables and well over a dozen chairs of one kind or another. There was also a hand sewing machine, a 'Cossor' 3-value battery wireless set and a salting lead.

The Gubbins also raised chickens as there were 6 laying hens with nine 4-month old chicks as well as a poultry house and incubator. The seller was Miss P A Gubbins, Alf & Louisa's youngest daughter, who in the manner of the time had not married but stayed to look after her parents.

Alf died in 1942, and Louisa followed at the end of June 1944. By August the house and contents were up for sale and Miss Phoebe Gubbins became, within the year, Mrs. Fred Colton. As the sale took place in wartime, the handbill draws attention to Price Control Acts that imposed maximum prices even on second-hand goods when resold.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Marion Wheatley

Connected Photos: KL273

Sale of Gubbin's Household Goods, 1944

SKU: KL236

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