Rear of postcard shown in DK034.

It was posted in the Banbury area in 1905 and sent to a Miss Yates at Turweston, near Brackley. It includes the phrase ' ...this is the remains of Owen's house.' Owen would be Owen Yates, and he and his family lived in the house in the centre behind the policeman. He was a platelayer, born at Turweston in 1871. His wife, Annie was from Culworth, but all their children - 5 daughters - were born in Eydon. At the time of the fire there was 5 year old Ivy Mary, 3 year old Winifred and Norah aged 2.

From census returns for Turweston, we know that Owen had two sisters, named Florence and Eva, who in 1905 would have been 25 and 19 respectively. So this looks like a card from Eva, who must have been working in Banbury at the time, to her sister at the family home.

The intriguing postscript - 'X for W' might be for their niece - Owen's 3 year old daughter Winifred - who was possibly sent to live with the grandparents whilst her home was being rebuilt. The rest of the family were probably still in Eydon, squeezed in with another family somewhere in the village or were trying to get one of the unoccupied cottages fit to live in. 

Owen would have kept going to his platelayer's job at Woodford. The family eventually returned to the cottage, as they were still there when it was sold in 1925. (Lot 35 in KL015o)

Thanks to Elisa Wild for the scan of the back of the card.


Photographer: Mr A.H Vorts (of Daventry)

Picture lent by : Mr David Kench

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Reverse of Great Fire of Eydon Postcard, 1905

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