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Memorial tablet in the Church at Mountsorrel, Leicestershire.

t is a memorial to the Rev William Lewis, who Rector of Eydon, from 1918 to his death in 1920, and to his previous service at Mountsorrel for 30 years before that. See DK042 The memorial, which is very similar to that in the chancel of Eydon church (DK095) also list the dates, though not the names, of the death of his two sons, John Lewis, killed at Ypres, and William Lewis, killed at St Quintin. Following the death of his sons, the Rev Lewis moved to Eydon, a broken man. (DK045)

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by Mr David Kench

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Rev. Lewis Memorial Tablet, Mountsorrel

SKU: DK094

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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