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Receipt from Charles Parish for Piece of Garden Ground.

Signed E.F. Parish for H. Parish. Stapled with KL016a. This, at £5, is presumably the receipt for the sale (rather than rent) of a piece of garden ground, presumably one of the allotment pieces as it was stapled together with KL016a. As Frank Parish was the son of Charlie Parish (seen in KL128), maybe the plot marked with his initials in KL016a was the plot being sold. H. Parish was presumably Herbert Parish, Charlie's cousin (See KL003a) whilst E.F. Parish might be his youngest daughter Bessey.

Image lent by : Mrs Margie Davies Connected Photos: KL016a | KL016

Receipt for £5 for 'garden piece' 20th July 1927

SKU: KL016b

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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