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Private George John Fairbrother, First World War Memorial Board in Eydon Village Hall.

Born in Eydon in 1894, he was the eldest son of William & Susan Fairbrother. William was an agricultural labourer who lived, in 1901, in three rooms in what is now the garage of 12 School Lane, with his wife, 5 children and a lodger. Two more children were born in the next few years.

George was clearly not a strong man as, when war broke out, he volunteered but was not accepted. He eventually joined the 2nd Battalion, Northants Regiment. He is wounded near Ypres, but did not recover and died April 28th 1918, aged 24. He was interred in Eydon Graveyard, initially with a wooden cross, later with a standard War Graves Commission headstone. Despite being baptised in St Nicholas' Church, and being buried outside, his name does not feature on the Roll of Honour in the church (KL103). 

The story of Eydon's involvement in WW1 is covered in the EHRG booklet 'Lest We Forget' see Publications Page for more information

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

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Private G Fairbrother, WW1 Memorial Board

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