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Detail from AP063, Village Green, showing milk churns awaiting collection under the trunk of the tree.

Might they be from Hall Farm? In the sunlight is a horse drawn delivery van - from other photos possibly Foots Bakers from Woodford. Almost dwarfed by the size of his basket, a baker's boy delivering bread to the lady who has come out of 6 High Street. Quite why Foots though it worth their while deliveries in Eydon is not clear as there were two bakers in the village, at 22 and 44 High Street. It may be significant that, in the 1911 Census, 22 is described as a private house whist Mr Hogg, at 44 High Street, is described as a grocer's shop and he is listed as a Baker Dealer.

Photographer  unknown professional

Image lent by Dr Kevin Lodge

Connected photo AP063

Postcard Detail, Village Services, circa WW1

SKU: AP063a

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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