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Ann Noble playing in the hay ricks, around 1941/42.

Ann was an evacuee to Eydon during the early 1940s and stayed with her sister, Georgina, and grandmother, Ellen 'Nellie' Maynard, with Miss Clara Hemmings in the cottage now known as 11 High Street. Thought to have been taken in the rick-yard in the centre of the High Street adjacent to Manor Farm Cottage (26 High Street) with farmhand Charlie Fairbrother (head just visible on extreme left, nearest camera) who worked for the Wilks family, owners of Manor Farm at the time.

Photographer: Unknown, family photographer

Image lent by : Mrs Ann Maynard

Connected Photos: DK105 | DK106

Playing in the Hay, 1941/2

SKU: DK104

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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