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From the Gubbins family photo album showing Phoebe Alice Gubbins on the right with an unknown friend or relation

It is not known where the photograph was taken. Phoebe was born on April 1st, 1905 and died in 1984. She was the only surviving daughter of Alfred James Gubbins and Louisa Elizabeth née Abbott who had lost three daughters at very early ages. She also had two brothers. She married Fred Colton, a widower from Eydon in 1944, who's son Jack from his first marriage was 19 at the time. They lived at 10 High Street until Fred died in 1955 and a few years later Phoebe moved into a new flat at 9 Lime Avenue, Eydon.

Photographer unknown

Image lent by Marion Wheatley

Connected photos KL276, KL284, KL290, KL293, KL294 & KL297

Phoebe Gubbins with friend

SKU: KL275

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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