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Metal advertisement board in form of a shield, showing Pettifers cattle medicines and red cross trade mark.

The red cross was registered as the trademark of Thomas Pettifer and Co after the court case against Thomas's son Stephen trading under the same name in 1883. (See KL226 for details) Although Pettifers' cattle medicines were based on herbs grown in fields around the village and compounded in the the tin 'Spice House' on the Byfield Road, not all the ingredients in them were benign. Ronnie Pettifer remembers one of the worker, Billy Brum, getting at the tincture of opium that went into the cattle medicine, as well as smoking the extremely rough shag tobacco that was supposed to go into the Pettifers Herbal Tonic as a wormer! (More details of Billy Brum can be found in EHRG 3rd booklet of reports: 'Landscapes and Laundry', available from this web site.)

Photographer: Dr Kevin Lodge

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

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Pettifer Cattle Medicines 'Tin' Shield

SKU: KL227

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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