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This shows the group of people watching the photographer as he took the photo in DK054.

On the left are two boys (and their dog) very smart in their Eton collars. Might they live in the house behind them, home to Mary Kench? 

Might these be Harold and Fred Kench, her nephews?

Behind them, and the bike, looks like a family group, a lady holding an baby and a man in a long shop overall. In 1910, Thomas Humphries ran a grocers shop at the bottom of Blacksmiths Lane, whilst on the other corner was a butchers shop, run in 1910 William Hatton and in 1914 by Percy Pratt. Thomas Humphries was in his late 60s by this date so it is not him, but neither of two butchers are listed as baptising a child in the Parish Church at this time either.

This might suggest they were nonconformist, so we need to check their registers also. Behind them is a lady in a white dress and in the far background is a horse drawn delivery cart, owned by Foot, a baker from the next village, Woodford Halse. Despite having three bakers in the village, it was clearly worth their while to deliver bread from the next village.

Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

Connected Photos: DK054

People in the High Street, c1910

SKU: DK055

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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