Along with IB015 to IB022, are all Aldridge family photos, and it was thought that it was John Aldridge, a butler at Eydon Hall.

However, John died young, aged in 1851, too early to be photographed here. This photo, like IB016, IB017 and IB022, were all taken at the same studio (same floor covering and backdrop), and this, IB016 and IB017 certainly at the same time (note the arrangement of the furniture). If the change in the furniture arrangement is only to accommodate the group in IB022, then all these photos may have been taken together in 1874.

Their being photographed and preserved together suggest family, and the three elder members of the group might be the remaining grandparents of the little girl in IB022. In which case, this might be Thomas Bromfield, born 1800, and now in his early 70s. He died two years after this photo in 1876, aged 75. Thomas was a labourer in Eydon, married to Charlotte and had 7 children, all bar the first and last, daughters. Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Mrs Coral Fairbrother

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Old Man's Portrait c 1874

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