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Looking north along the northern end of the High Street and, from the look of the only car, taken in the early to mid 1930s.

In the foreground on the right is the single storey wash house in which Granny Walker did a village laundry service when asked and beyond and attached is “The Red House” built by the Tyrrell family with a drapery and sweet shop as well as Syd Tyrrell’s tailor’s workshop.

In the foreground on the left is the elaborate fence at 45 High Street, which was no doubt made and put up by John Coy a carpenter who lived there in the early 1900s. Beyond that the large gable end of Jubilee Cottages.

Photographer unknown.

Image lent by Mr David Kench

Northern end of High Street c 1930s

SKU: DK081

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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