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Now looking from the north end of the village looking east at the new buildings on the Preston Road.

In the foreground we see the backs of a pair of council houses, now 3 and 5 Preston Road, then called 7 & 8 Lime Grove, built in 1928. When originally built, they were very modern, with inside bathrooms, but still had a pail for the WC.

Across the road we see the first of two chalet style houses built by local builder Don Cugini, and next to that a more conventional bungalow being built by John Baggett This photo is one of a series taken of the village by Skyview Archives, copies of which can be obtained from them at quoting for this image J940-15.

Photographer: Skyview Archives Ltd

Image lent by : Mr Darren Powell SVA

Connected Photos: SV001 - SV-026 range

New buildings along the Preston Road, 1964

SKU: SV015

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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