Probably Flora Lizzie Ellen Jane Carey, grand daughter of Edward and Patience Smith.

Her parents, Mary Ann & William Carey, are shown in KL081. She married Joe Tyrrell, the Smith's ex-apprentice, in 1876 and so this may have been an engagement portrait, taken in 1874. Joe's portrait from about the same time is shown in KL085. Flora and Joe first moved into a house towards the bottom of Blacksmiths Lane, later (1883) buying the Mullions and the surrounding yard (KL021). In 1899 they built the red-brick 'Red House' (KL040) on the site of an older house. This family home for their 6 children was the base for Joe's tailoring business and Flora's haberdashery shop. Flora and Joe both died in 1930.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Jean Charles

Connected Photos: KL085

'Nan' Tyrrell aged 19

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